Emilia Vuorio

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Soloist of Ballet of the National Theatre Brno

Emilia graduated from the Finnish Opera Ballet School in Helsinki in 2008. Between 2008 and 2010 she danced in the Finnish National Ballet, then one season in the Scottish Ballet and one season as a guest in Ballet Dortmund. There she danced in many ballets: f. e. Minus 7 by Ohad Naharin, La Bajadére by Natalia Makarova, the Swan Lake by Kenneth Greve, Symphony No. 7 by Uwe Scholtz and Cinderella by Ashley Page. Since the autumn of 2012 she has been a member of Ballet NdB, in 2016 she became a demisoloist and in 2018 soloist of the Ballet NdB. In Ballet Ndb she is dancing solo parts like White in Black and White and Duet in Together by Mário Radačovský, Duet No. 3 in Petite Mort by Jiří Kylián, Sarah in Masculine / Feminine by Lukáš Timulák, Oriental Dance and Drop of Dew in the Nutcracker by Fernand Nault, the Bride in Hungarian Dance in the Swan Lake, Pas de Quatre in La Bajadére, Solo Cuple in Sofa by Olivier Wevers etc.


Roles in the repertoire of Ballet NdB in the Season 2019/20:

P. I. Tchaikovsky: Black and White - The White

P. I. Tchaikovsky: Swan Lake - Friends of the Prince, Hungarian and Polish Bride

P. I. Tchaikovsky: The Nutcracker - Arabian dance, Dew-drop

P. I. Tchaikovsky: Sleeping Beauty - The Fairy of Tenderness, Gemstone, Friend

B. Pawlowski: Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs

S. Prokofiev: Romeo a Juliet - Juliet


4 Elements

Hidden Order - woman 3

Falling Angels

Gnawa - Solo

Amadeus MozArt

Opus Amadei 

Solipsistic - Love

Petite Mort

F. Schubert: Spolu - duet Nasťa and Arthuro

Masculine / Feminine - Sarah

W. A. Mozart: Petite Mort - Duet no.3


The complete repertoire of this soloist may be found in the archives  here.


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